Jim Campbell Awards

How to nominate someone.  Previous recipients

These awards are to recognise personal excellence in Primary or Secondary classroom teaching and support given to others in enhancing their classroom teaching.

Nominations are called for these awards which recognise excellence in mathematics teaching. They are presented biennially at the NZAMT Conference in September/October.

The criteria for these awards are:

Teachers from primary, intermediate and secondary schools may be nominated. Nominations on the official form are to be made initially by a teacher, principal or other mathematics educator. Three referee statements on the official forms are required, one of which must be from a person not teaching at the same school. It is the nominator’s responsibility to request the appropriate forms and distribute them.

2023 Recipients

Helen Adams

Daniel Kelly

Vladimir Miskovic

John Wilkes

2022 Recipients

Shane Barr

Amanda Fraser

Betsy MacDonald

Ingrid Rinsma

2019 Recipients

Anet Conroy 

Elizabeth Sneddon 

Francis Leslie-Ellis 

Marion Steel 

Jo Patrick 

Sue Scott 

2017 Recipients

Mandy Attard 

Nicola Gibson

Kim Madden

Mike van Woerkom

Subash Chandar K 

Melissa Jackson

Stephen McConnachie

Anne Gardner

Helen Jermy

Richard Ramsay

Karen Gibbs

Claire Laverty

Phil Truesdale

2015 Recipients

Ainslie Anderson  

Jane Gray 

Annmarie Simpson 

Tony Carey  

Mitchell Howard 

Linda van Milligan 

Jeanette Chapman 

Ann Leach 

Barbara Wallis 

Kiri Dillon 

Grant Ritchie 

2013 Recipients

Lynne Bull 

Brian Law 

Michelle Dalrymple  

Debra Leong 

Anne Marie Denny 

Anna Martin 

Andrew Kilham 

Joanna McHardy 

2011 Recipients

Louise Addison   

Barry Thomas  

Rory Barrett  

Anne Griffiths  

John Major  

2009 Recipients

Lyn Brassington  

Peter Newall  

Anna Brookie   

David Phillips  

Lauris Crook  

Catherine Udy-Bothwell  

Jennifer Hudson  

2007 Recipients

Bethan De Malmanche   

Kerry Lloyd   

Kathy Paterson   

Thomas Sidebotham   

Pre 2000 Recipients

Robin Staples - 1993   

  Tony Daviidson - 1991

  Kevin Kent - 1991


Please bear with us as we search the archives for recipients previous to 2007. If you received a Jim Campbell award or know of someone who did, please let us know.