Ernest Duncan

Information about the Award, Recipients of the Award, Resources created by the recipients

The New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) is pleased to call for applications for this award, in accordance with the Trust Deed. The awards are of monetary value and available to teachers at any New Zealand school within the meaning of the Education Act. The awards are made in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contribution to the classroom teaching of mathematics.

The general (but not exclusive) criteria for selection are:

  • an effective sequence or resource for teaching mathematics in primary or secondary school classes;

  • a device for teaching some aspects of mathematics

  • a television, video, audio-visual or other communication programme on or for teaching mathematics;

  • a paper proposing or examining a method of teaching mathematics.

Applicants must indicate their contribution to the classroom teaching for mathematics and provide evidence of fulfilling the criteria.


The Secretary


Box 26-582



2022 Ernest Duncan Award: TBC

2021 Ernest Duncan Award: No awards given

2020 Ernest Duncan Award Winners

2019 Ernest Duncan Award Winners

2018 Ernest Duncan Award Winners

Anzar Chida

Kenneth Clarkson

Yvonne Culling

Vladimir Miskovic

Becky O’Gram

Jamie Sneddon

2017 Ernest Duncan Award Winners

Deirdre Cooper

Graeme Holden

Frederic Jaccard

Anantika Sanchal

Elizabeth Sneddon

Report on the teaching of Mathematics in the first year of Primary Schooling - Increasing Curiosity

Creator of

Research Paper on the use of rich tasks in the mathematics classroom

Thesis: Students attitudes towards learning mathematics - impact of teaching in a sporting context

Creating videos and workbooks for Year 11, 12 and 13, mostly in statistics

2016 Ernest Duncan Award Winners

Subash Chandar K

Anzar Chida

Kathryn O’Reilly-Dodd

Jake Wills

Youtube clips on L1 Algebra and L3 Calculus

Resources for teaching Yr 9/10 (itunesU)

Research Paper - “Mathematically speaking: Using mathematics-specific language to improve students mathematical ability”

Maths NZ/NZ Grapher and additions to website