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Jim Campbell 2015

NZAMTJim Campbell Mathematics Teacher Awards

These awards are to recognise personal excellence in Primary or Secondary classroom teaching and support given to others in enhancing their classroom teaching.

Nominations are called for these awards which recognise excellence in mathematics teaching. They are presented biennially at the NZAMT Conference in September/October.

The criteria for these awards are:

 A excellence in the teaching of mathematics in the classroom at a particular school;

B contribution and support to mathematics teaching at other schools in the district and/or contribution to mathematics teaching throughout New Zealand; and

C support of a local mathematics association or mathematics group.

Teachers from primary, intermediate and secondary schools may be nominated. Nominations on the official form are to be made initially by a teacher, principal or other mathematics educator. Three referee statements on the official forms are required, one of which must be from a person not teaching at the same school. It is the nominator’s responsibility to request the appropriate forms and distribute them.


or requested by email from admin@nzamt.org.nz

Nominations to
The Secretary
Box 26-582
fax (09) 623 8914 

Jim Campbell Award for Excellence in Teaching Recent Winners

Rory Barrett, Louise Addison, John Major, Barry Thomas, Anne Griffiths
Anna Brookie, David Phillips, Lauris Crook, Peter Newall, Catherine Udy-Bothwell, Jennifer Hudson, Lyn Brasington
Kerry Lloyd, Bethan De Malmanche, Kathy Paterson, Thomas Sidebotham