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Maths for Numeracy


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These have a selection of tasks which can be used as evidence for the NUS. They can be used individually or collectively. Teachers can adapt these according to their class, and their own ideas. Some of these have been updated from those developed in 2012 and some are new.

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There are a variety of units here.

• Some units consists of teaching and learning activities designed to help students practice skills in a meaningful context. Examples are included to assist the students with completing the activities. Therefore, these activities DO NOT meet the requirements for the collection of evidence for the Numeracy Unit Standards.

• At the end of some units, there is an assessment that can be used for the collection of evidence towards the Numeracy Unit Standards. The assessment can be completed in parts or as a whole. The assessment must be completed independently to ensure that the student's work is authentic.

• Some units are designed as projects or investigations. Parts of these could be used as evidence but teachers will have to ensure authenticity.


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