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Maths Week 2013 Conference


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“The intention of the development band is to encourage teachers to offer broader, richer and more challenging mathematical experiences. Work from the development band should allow better students to investigate whole new topics which would not otherwise be studied and work at a higher conceptual level. Talented students should have their interest in mathematical ideas further stimulated and their understanding of the nature of mathematics deepened.”

Examples of these resources can be found here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 May 2014 21:54

AS91027 Mathematics and Statistics

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Ministry of EducationAttention:     Head of Mathematics and Statistics

Consultation on AS91027 Mathematics and Statistics 1.2 Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems

The Ministry of Education is proposing that the assessment mode of achievement standard 91027 Mathematics and Statistics 1.2 Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems be changed from external to internal.

The reasons for this proposal are:

  • Schools can choose to assess students when students are ready for the assessment if the standard is assessed internally.
  • The implementation of the assessment currently is logistically very difficult, with clashes occurring with other significant events in the secondary school calendar that NZQA has to work around.
  • Currently the timeframe for benchmarking is short with pressure to get confirmed schedules to schools within a few days, which has sometimes required minor adjustments to published schedules.
  • The current nature of the assessment has given this standard a perceived degree of importance that was not intended and is out of kilter with other level 1 Mathematics and Statistics standards.
  • The proposal would remove the anomaly of having four externally assessed standards in mathematics and statistics.  All other subjects have a maximum of three.
  • The technology-free nature of the standard can still apply if considered necessary or desirable.
  • The standard is well understood by teachers and they are making sound assessor judgements with a high level of agreement with the verifiers' judgements.



ISLP Poster Competition Facebook Page

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Be sure to follow theISLP Facebook Page ISLP Facebook Page

Registration is open for the New Zealand leg of the competition!

Look at for more information.

Registrations should be sent to

Last Updated on Friday, 09 May 2014 13:22

Teaching Functions in the Digital Era

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AKLTeaching Functions in the Digital Era - Thursday 15th May 2014

Digital technologies have deeply transformed the teaching and learning of functions in the last decades, especially through the potential they offer for accessing a diversity of representations of functional objects, and for connecting these in dynamic ways. Technology has also been used for approaching functions, and the associated idea of variation, with sensorimotor devices, and more

Last Updated on Friday, 09 May 2014 12:58

Markers Needed

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Senior Maths CompPlease consider becoming a marker on the Eton Press-Casio Senior Mathematics Competition.

Richard Catterall is looking for people to replace three longstanding markers in Auckland, Canterbury, and Hawkes Bay.

Without people like you in the schools marking these papers, the tradition of these wonderful competitions may not continue. If your school uses this competition or if you are interested in expanding your maths knowledge, please contact Richard at Richard Catterall on

Last Updated on Friday, 09 May 2014 12:09

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